Learn the secret of rash-free babies

Does “oleo-limestone liniment” mean anything to you? It should. 

When you become a parent, you never really know what to use to care for your baby. 

  • Wet wipes are full of chemicals
  • Your baby has a rash on his or her bottom
  • Or worse… eczema!

Then you see a shelf in the supermarket or a pharmacy that’s a mile long and full of products with no way of knowing what is effective, good value for money, or healthy for your child and the planet. 

Which natural product should you use to clean and protect your baby’s bottom? 

If you have children, you’re sure to have heard people talking about oleo-limestone liniment. But do you really know what it is and why it’s so good for our babies? Let’s start at the beginning. 

Well known in the south of France, with a long history behind it, oleo-limestone liniment is used to clean and protect babies’ bottoms in one easy movement.  

The traditional formula is made from olive oil, but it’s possible to liniment with any kind of oil – or even any blend. However, the consistency of the liniment will vary depending on the variety of oil used.  

I discovered liniment for myself in 2008! 

My name is Cécile Girardin and I discovered oleo-limestone liniment for myself when my first son was born in 2008. 

With a background in chemical engineering, I was well placed to understand that the majority of products offered in supermarkets and even in the pharmacy are packed with chemicals that might not be as healthy as you would wish. 

I wanted to use authentically natural products with my own child. Friends in France introduced me to oleo-limestone liniment and, from that moment on, I decided never to touch wet wipes or other common products on offer again. 

Unfortunately for me, I quickly learned that it was impossible to find this product in Switzerland – so that’s when I set to work.

Thanks to my background in chemical engineering, I was able to start producing my own liniment in my kitchen at home. After that, my friends and family asked me to make some for them, too. As I lived far away from some of them, I came up with the idea of making sure they had enough to last for a while and then, in 2010, I launched my business, Liniment.ch. 

My third son arrived in 2014, and the production of Love me Doux liniment took a new turn when I subcontracted the production to a French company that had specialised in making organic cosmetics for forty years. Love me Doux is made with organic ingredients, made from pure raw materials wherever possible, and dermatologically tested (and I use it with my own children as well!)  

In practical terms, how is liniment used?


Liniment.ch has offered liniment for the Swiss market since 2010

  •  Tested by over 2,500 customers
  •  Used by maternity units
  •  Recommended by midwives  

  “An excellent product. We used this liniment for our three children and found it very useful. No problems with rashes, easy to use – in short, highly recommended. I’ve even used it a few times as a make-up remover. Now my children are older, I regularly give it as a gift to mark the birth of friends’ babies.” 


“Simply perfect! In my view, it’s the perfect product to care for your baby’s bum when they need a bit of extra care. But not just that, because there are so many benefits from calendula! In addition, the lovely little bottles are brilliant and make brilliant maternity gifts!"  

  Sandrine, mother and midwife

Don’t wait until your baby gets nappy rash!